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Department of Computer Engineering
In this modern age of computers where the demand for computer professionals is rapidly increasing, Diploma in the Computer Engg. enables the students with all the required skills necessary to grab a reputed job in the field of information technology. After the decisive push from our honorable Prime minister “Sh. Narendra Modi” by starting Flagship programmes like ‘Digital India’, ‘make in India’, in this field of I.T, the demand is further bound to increase. The sectors where the opportunities lie are J.T.O in BSNL, J.E in DHBVN, computer teachers/ Instructors in Govt. Schools and IT I’s & software professionals in private organizations to name a few.

Here at Govt. Polytechnic for Women, Sirsa. We believe in approach to teaching- learning, coupled with practical experience gained during Industrial training in reputed organization, equips our students to handle the challenges posed by the software industry. So, come and join our department for a bright and better future.


Sh. Ravinder Singh

HOD Computer Engineering

Date Of Joining: 05.05.1998

Sh. Hitesh Kumar

Senior Lecturer Computer engineering

Approx. 20 years teaching experience

Date Of Joining -28/01/2004

Smt. Anju Bala

Senior Lecturer Computer Engineering

Approx. 20 years teaching experience

Date Of Joining -30/01/2004

Sh. Devender Kumar


Approx. 20 years teaching experience

Date Of Joining -26/07/2004

Sh. Vipul Pant

Lecturer Computer Engineering

Approx. 17 Years teaching experience

Date Of Joining -17/03/2007

Dr. Dupinder Kaur

Lecturer Computer Engineering

Date Of Joining-29/03/2023

Ms. Manju Bana

Lecturer Computer Engineering

Date Of Joining-27/03/2023

Smt. Deepika

Lecturer Computer Engineering

Date Of Joining-24/03/2023


A computer lab is a space which provides computer services to a defined community. Computer labs are typically provided by libraries to the public, by academic institutions to students who attend the institution, or by other institutions to the public or to people affiliated with that institution.
While computer labs are generally multipurpose, some labs may contain computers with hardware or software optimized for certain tasks or processes, depending on the needs of the institution operating the lab. These specialized purposes include but may not be limited to video editing, stock trading, 3-D design, and programming. In some cases, these specialized purposes are the main purposes for the existence of traditional desktop-style computer labs, due to a rising trend in the ownership of personal computers.

Digital Contents

Sr. No.BranchSem.SubjectDownload
1Comp. Engg.4th Sem.DBMSDownload
2Comp. Engg.6th Sem.Network SecurityDownload
3Comp. Engg.6th Sem.Distributed ComputingDownload
4Comp. Engg.4th Sem.CODownload
5Comp. Engg.4th Sem.OOPSDownload
6Comp. Engg.6th Sem.JAVADownload
7Comp. Engg.4th Sem.Micro ProcessorDownload
8Comp. Engg.4th Sem.Data StructureDownload
9Comp. Engg.2nd Sem.Env EduDownload
10Comp. Engg.5th Sem.Env Edu.Download
11Comp. Engg.3rd Sem.DEDownload
12Comp. Engg.5th Sem.Cloud ComputingDownload
13Comp. Engg.5th Sem.Cloud ComputingDownload
14Comp. Engg.5th Sem.Software EngineeringDownload
15Comp. Engg.5th Sem.CNDownload
16Comp. Engg.3rd Sem.Programming In CDownload
17Comp. Engg.3rd Sem.MultiMedia Unit 1,2Download
18Comp. Engg.3rd Sem.Multi Media Unit 3Download
19Comp. Engg.3rd Sem.MultiMedia Unit 4Download
20Comp. Engg.3rd Sem.Operating SystemDownload
21Comp. Engg.5th Sem.PythonDownload
22Comp. Engg.5th Sem.PHPDownload
23Comp. Engg.3rd Sem.Digital EltxDownload
24Comp. Engg.5th Sem.SEDownload
25Comp. Engg.4th Sem.DBMSDownload
26Comp. Engg.4th Sem.OOPS Using JavaDownload
27Comp. Engg.4th Sem.Data StructureDownload
28Comp. Engg.4th Sem.MPDDownload
29Comp. Engg.6th Sem.Mobile Application DevelopmentDownload
30Comp. Engg.1st Sem.Computer FundamentalsDownload