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Electronics engineering is a discipline which utilizes non-linear and active electrical components (such as semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits) to design electronic circuits, devices, microprocessors, microcontrollers and other systems. The discipline typically also designs passive electrical components, usually based on printed circuit boards.

Electronics is a broad engineering field that covers subfields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics engineering deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields, for example solid-state physics, radio engineering, telecomm- unications, control systems, signal processing, systems engineering, computer engineering, instrumentation engineering, electric power control, robotics, and many others.
The Institute Govt. Polytechnic for women Sirsa is one of the most important and influential organizations for electronics diploma engineers.
What jobs can you do with an electronic engineering diploma?

Careers for electronic engineering diploma holders can be found in a whole host of industries, from automotive to utilities. Electronic engineering diploma holders are typically accepted in the following industries. Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, Construction industry, Defense industry, Electronics industry, Fast moving consumer goods industry, Marine industry, Oil and gas industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Power generation industry, Rail industry, Telecoms, Utilities industry.


Sh.Vikram Aditya

Lecturer ECE

Approx. 17 years teaching experience

Date Of Joining-27/02/2007

Sh. Harish Garg

Lecturer ECE

Approx. 28 years teaching experience

Date Of Joining-19/10/1993

Smt. Monika

Guest Lecturer ECE


A computer lab is a space which provides computer services to a defined community. Computer labs are typically provided by libraries to the public, by academic institutions to students who attend the institution, or by other institutions to the public or to people affiliated with that institution.
While computer labs are generally multipurpose, some labs may contain computers with hardware or software optimized for certain tasks or processes, depending on the needs of the institution operating the lab. These specialized purposes include but may not be limited to video editing, stock trading, 3-D design, and programming. In some cases, these specialized purposes are the main purposes for the existence of traditional desktop-style computer labs, due to a rising trend in the ownership of personal computers.

Digital Contents

Sr. No.BranchSem.SubjectDownload
1ECE6th Sem.EDM 1Download
2ECE6th Sem.EDM2Download
3ECE6th Sem.EDM3Download
4ECE6th Sem.MOCS1Download
6ECE6th Sem.InstrumentationDownload
7ECE4th Sem.Micro ProcessorDownload
8ECE4th Sem.Communication SystemDownload
9ECE2nd Sem.Env EduDownload
10ECE3rd Sem.DEDownload
11ECE3rd Sem.EDCDownload
12ECE3rd Sem.EDCDownload
13ECE3rd Sem.EIMDownload
15ECE5th Sem.EM2Download
16ECE3rd Sem.EM3Download
17ECE5th Sem.OFCDownload
18ECE5th Sem.Power EltxDownload
19ECE5th Sem.Power EltxDownload
20ECE5th Sem.ConsumerDownload
21ECE5th Sem.ConsumerDownload
22ECE3rd Sem.CDownload
23ECE5th Sem.Env Edu.Download
24ECE5th Sem.MREDownload
25ECE3rd Sem.PCEDownload
26ECE4th Sem.Micro ProcessorDownload
27ECE4th Sem.Power EltxDownload
28ECE6th Sem.WMCDownload
29ECE6th Sem.EDMDownload
30ECE5th Sem.Micro controllerDownload
31ECE3rd Sem.DEDownload
32ECE5th Sem.Digital CommunicationDownload
33ECE3rd Sem.EDCDownload
34ECE5th Sem.OFCDownload
35ECE3rd Sem.PCEDownload
36ECE3rd Sem.EIMDownload
37ECE5th Sem.AVSDownload
38ECE3rd Sem.NFTLDownload
39ECE5th Sem.Environment studyDownload
40ECE3rd Sem.Programming In CDownload
41ECE6th Sem.EDMDownload
43ECE6th Sem.WMCDownload
45ECE4th Sem.MEDICAL ELTXDownload
48ECE4th Sem.TransducersDownload
49ECE6th Sem.Microwave and Radar Engineering Unit 2Download
50ECE6th Sem.Microwave and Radar Engineering Unit 7Download
51ECE6th Sem.Microwave and Radar Engineering Unit 8Download