Department of Architectural Engineering

The department of Architectural assistantship offers a 3 years course leading to Diploma of State Board of Technical Education Haryana based on semester system. It is fully equipped to handle the field related problems of planning, designing and execution of any type of building project. The facility of surveying of the site and the structural designing are also available. The staff is adequately trained and experienced to help the students in solving the site related problems in the drawing halls and also on the site.The staff of the department is also trainned to take up the the interior designing in computer room in the polytechnic . The facilities of making models of buildings, sectionals models of buildings showing details of the buildings, layout models of the buildings and complex can be made in the department . The staff of the department has designed the Logo of polytechnic . The deptt. has its own AutoCAD lab .

  • Sh. Anil Babbar,Head of the Deptt.
  • Sh. Parmod Kumar, Lecturer